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  • Winter ’18 Pre-Release Details

    So a really quick Friday update as the Winter ’18 Pre-Release takes shape.  You can now sign up to join the Pre-Release Treasure Hunt within the Success Comminity, and also Salesforce has actually announce a new logo for Winter ’18 (and an new ongoing theme based around Astro).

    Winter ’18 Pre-Release Treasure Hunt

    Every release now goes into pre-release, where admins/developers/consultants/anyone who is interested, can register and setup a Pre-Release Trail Environment, which is based on the new release (Salesforce Winter ’18).

    And the good folk at Salesforce, in turn, run a Pre-Release Treasure Hunt.  It is a great way to entice early adopters into jumping in and finding new features/changes within the system.

    So if you really can’t wait and want to dive into the new release before the preview release notes come out, sign up now (registration now closed) and post your findings aka “Treasure” in the Release Readiness & Feature Adoption Success Group and use the tag #Winter18Treasure to join the treasure hunt!

    I am going to join the hunt myself and will post what I find as a new post shortly (and in the success group).  But I did find this post by Swayam with a few of the new features he has found so far…  Happy hunting!

    Salesforce introduce an Astro Winter ’18 logo

    Salesforce Marketing Team has taken a bit of a change into the upcoming release, with a new Astro themed logo.  And it has generated a bit of conversation in the Release Readiness & Feature Adoption Success Group.

    Here is the original post from Salesforce introducing the new logo:

    Salesforce introduce new Astro logo

    What do you think about the new logo?  Love the new theme?  Not bothered?  Astro’d out?  Use the comments below…

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