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  • Dreamforce ’17: roundup

    Were you fortunate enough to head to this year’s Dreamforce?  If not, have you caught up on all the new goodies that were announced?  If you are like me and couldn’t attend, we have to catch up on all the new announcements from this session via Youtube, Facebook,  Linkedin and other blogs.

    So to help out, below is an overview of some of the resources I have found useful to catch-up on all things Dreamforce 2017, and feel free to add your comments & own resources in the comments section at the bottom of the post.

    Fourth Industrial Revolution

    The key theme this year was around the 4th industrial revolution.

    And it contains a key message about the impacts on the impacts this next digital revolution will have on society, from AI and the workplace of the future, to how we treat each other…


    Dreamforce 2017: over 3200 sessions of learnings!

    If you have been fortunate enough to attend Dreamforce, the scale is massive.  It literally takes over San Francisco for a week and brings together people from so many different backgrounds to learn and network.

    But where to start though?  Catching up on everything is a mammoth task and with over 3200+ sessions, there is so much for people to catchup on.  New use cases and successes shared with the Salesforce community… It is what Dreamforce is all about!  That is why no two wrap-ups will be the same, as everyone has there own personal journey through the week.

    But key highlights for me include Salesforceben with two great posts stand out for me: Admin perspective or Nov roundup) and Jen Lee’s fantastic recap and her sessions about process automation and workflows.  Also David from SFDC99 has a great recap too.

    Salesforce has the videos published from most of their keynotes and a number of the larger sessions from the week, and you can access them on the Salesforce Youtube playlist.

    Key Youtube videos I have found useful include:

    And personally, I love the T-Mobile story at this year’s keynote, where they demonstrated a number of the new ‘mySalesforce’ features (such as my Trailhead, my Lightning and my Einstein).  You can catch that session including a live demo here:


    The future roadmap of Salesforce core platforms

    One session I always try to catch up on is the core platform update/roadmap sessions.  This next session has a number of the Product Owners talking about some of the features that are coming up over the next few releases.

    Want a crystal ball into Salesforce’s thinking and where they are focusing their efforts? Look no further.

    They also go into the Ideas Exchange, why some ideas can’t/haven’t been delivered so far (even though they might seem really simple from the outside looking in), and how Lightning is actually allowing Salesforce to drive the pace of delivery of new ideas that Classic simply couldn’t do…

    So without further ado, here is the True to the Core overview from Parker Harris and co…

    The future roadmap of Salesforce’s core products definitely looks promising and personally I can’t wait for the discussed improvements to reports & dashboards (Sub folders… Field to field filters?!  OMG)

    Comments always welcome

    Got any key videos / blogs / resources you have used to catch up on Dreamforce this year?  Share in the comments below.

  • 7 tips for surviving Dreamforce 2017!

    You have registered for Dreamforce 2017, but now what?  How are you going to survive the crowds and make the most out of this year’s event?  Fear not, as this week I am going to cover off seven tips to surviving Dreamforce 2017!

    Now I don’t even know if I can attend this year’s conference yet however I have been very fortunate to attend the last two (Dreamforce 2016 & 2015)!  I learned so much about new Salesforce use cases and was inspired about how other end-users and partners are making the most out of the platform.  Being able to immerse yourself in all things Salesforce for four days straight (I am a geek and I proudly say I loved every minute of it!) it really helps you learn & focus on all things Salesforce.

    7 tips for surviving Dreamforce 2017!

    1. Be sensible

    You will be walking around so much!  Make sure you are in comfortable clothing and footwear!  Remember to pack light so you don’t carry everything around with you and time when you go to the Expo Hall to pick up your swag, so that way you don’t have to carry it around with you all day!

    2. Be prepared

    how to build Lightning Apps at Dreamforce 2016
    Session on how to build Lightning Apps @ Dreamforce 2016

    The biggest tip I can give a newbie to Dreamforce is you need to prepare…  Even with pre-planning my first year and hearing from others who had attended the year before me – I was still blown away at the sheer scale of the event.  With such a massive event, preparing and planning counts for so much!


    Find out what sessions are available, and if you need to enrol.  Not all sessions require you to enrol, but the more popular ones definitely do and it is worth it.  This allows the session to have a priority order to busy sessions, although remember this still isn’t a guarantee so get to the key sessions early.

    3. Be patient

    With so many people swarming around downtown San Francisco, all looking to learn as much as they can about Salesforce, it can get a little frustrating at times navigating the crowds.  Remember to be patient, everyone is there is get the most out of the experience too.  Try to get to sessions early, and be prepared to be waiting in line.

    Cloud Expo at Dreamforce 2016
    CloudExpo Hall @ Dreamforce 2016

    4. Be approachable

    To help pass the time when in a line, strike up a conversation with those around you.  Personally, I found some of the most interesting conversations at the conference by doing this.  And you can be easily learn so much from challenges or use cases you might both share.  Remember you are both in line for the same session, use that as a conversation starter!

    Not everyone can just strike up a conversation out of thin air.  That is ok.  There are plenty of social functions being planned too by Salesforce and third-party vendors.  But remember this is such a big event, you don’t get a chance to network with this many Salesforce professionals every day!

    5. Be noteworthy

    Take lots and lots of notes!

    Remember to set out in the morning with an iPad/phone (and remember battery back!!).  Alternatively go old-school with notepad & pen (no battery!) to keep track of everything you learn.

    Personally I like to combine taking pictures of the slides with my own notes in an app like OneNote.  And finally make sure you carry water around with you, some of the rooms can get quite warm!

    6. Get hands on

    In Moscone Center, there is an opportunity to get hands on.  Coding Drop-in Clinics, Admin Reviews, Lightning UX consultations…  If it was something to do with Salesforce, there was a session to learn about it!  The Trailhead theme last year was brilliant and there was so much going on at the different ‘base camps’ and ‘ranger stations’, you could easily spend a day or two just in these halls!

    Flo Rida at Dreamforce 2016
    Flo Rida @ Dreamforce 2016

    Go to the Expo Hall, learn about the AppExchange and new tools you might be able to use in your org.  This is also where you are likely to get the most of your swag! 🙂

    7. Finally… Get dance-y!

    Finally there is also some fun to be had!

    Last year U2 were the headline act for the Dreamfest concert, but I was also lucky enough to get into the Pardot B2B Marketing evening, which featured Flo Rida in concert (was so much fun).

    Though you do have to remember to balance it out.  You are there primarily to learn, network and bring back innovative use cases and solutions 🙂


    Got any tips of your own?

    Please share in the comments section below!  And hopefully see you at Dreamforce 2017! *fingers crossed*

    Remember there is a Trailhead module now for helping you get the most out of Dreamforce, and if you haven’t registered yet, head on over to the Dreamforce site to buy your tickets.

  • Dreamforce 2017 registration open…

    We all say it don’t we?  Oh look how quickly the year is going by?  As I write this, there is just under 129 days until Dreamforce 2017!  But that means that Dreamforce 2017 registration is now open.  🙂

    As I figure out how to get there this year, the amount of resources to prepare you for this year’s biggest tech conference is phenomenal.

    To register, simply head on over to the Dreamforce landing page.


    Dreamforce 2017 registration open.
    Source: Salesforce.com

    What is Dreamforce?

    If you haven’t been lucky enough to go in the past, or are simply new to the Salesforce ecosystem.  Dreamforce is the largest tech conference in the world, and it is focused purely on all things Salesforce.  Last year over 171,000 people from more than 80 countries registered to attend the conference, and it also had over 15m viewers watched online.

    This conference takes over downtown San Francisco for 4 days, and has something for everyone.  New customers, old customers, admins, developers, consultants, trainers…. There are so many break out sessions and keynotes happening, it is impossible to see more than a fraction of what is on offer!  And for a first timer, can easily be a little overwhelming.  And trust me, it can be even if you have attended multiple times!  There is just so much to learn and absorb.

    And with so many people descending on San Francisco for the annual conference, everyone has something in common… Can you guess what?!  Salesforce! 🙂  It is a massive networking opportunity, giving you untapped potential to learn from other users of the platform.

    Preparing for 2017 Dreamforce

    As Salesforce finalise their plans to take over San Francisco for 4 days in November.  You can start to prepare for Dreamforce, and by doing so get the most out of your time there (if you are lucky enough to be going).

    First port of call, is this little article on how to convince your boss to go!  It highlights so arguments you might be able to use to build the business case for attending.  And you can go here to look at key numbers and events from last year’s event.

    Now time to look at the agenda of some of the sessions available.  Planning if key for an event this large, and you can start planning by looking at the sessions that are now planned.

    Salesforce also have a great little Trailhead module on getting the most out of Dreamforce, which you can find here.

    With Dreamforce 2017 registration now open, head on over to get the early bird pricing.

    And and stay tuned, because next week I will share some of my tips on how to make the most out of Dreamforce 2017!

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