• The Next Chapter, introducing CirrusRed Consulting.

    Hello all.

    It has been a little while between articles, and you may have noticed a few changes to the website…

    That is because I have spent the last few months planning and setting up CirrusRed Consulting. The next chapter in the story.

    Back in Australia

    After living in the UK for over six years, it felt like it was the right time for me to make a few decisions.

    First and foremost, to move back to Australia.

    The decision to pick-up your life and move is never and easy one. And I made life-long friends in the UK, who I will no doubt see again in the future.

    Additionally my experience across the Salesforce platform, has grown exponentially, when compared to the little newbie Salesforce Admin I was when I packed my bags originally for the UK.

    I have helped bring so many diverse and interesting projects to life over the last eight years. And seen the benefits they can make for end-users, business stakeholders and most importantly customers, when we get things ‘right’.

    So, what’s next?

    Well, I felt it was time to stand out on my own, and setup a new Salesforce consultancy back here in Melbourne. And this week, I can announce the launch of CirrusRed Consulting.

    As you can imagine, the last few months have been an extremely busy affair. Relocating country, catching up with friends and family over the holidays. And from January, setting up the business side of things.

    So take a look around the new site, there is more to come shortly!

    The blog

    The blog will continue with more posts about all things Salesforce and will still be aimed at sharing ‘lessons learned’.

    It will have a permanent home here at moving forward, and will still include all the posts from the last two years.

    But for now, it is a step in new direction, and hopefully onwards and upwards!

    So thanks to all those who have supported me and even those who simply read read the blog….

  • – 3mths in…

     I don’t know how most websites get started, but hit the three month anniversary mark today!  Firstly hello all who have stumbled across and this article. (P.s this post isn’t specifically Salesforce related but please bare with me).

    To start off, I would like to share a very humbling fact. (So much so I had to actually double check this!) – 3 month mark

    As of today, over 3,390 people have visited this site!  With over 1,400 people discovering this site, for the first time since the start of May!! Amazing!  

    Thank everyone who has either visited, commented, viewed, shared, proof-read, inspired or contributed to making this site get up on its feet.

    Starting out three months ago with my first post, I honestly was worried if anyone would find let alone read anything on this blog.  Never in a million years would I have ever excepted to have anyone read what I put up on here.

    At the start of, I remember  excessively worrying about every word/sentence being sent out.  How much was I worrying?  To the point of overthinking the simplest concept and second guessing myself (as we all know there are multiple ways to solve most Salesforce problems, but what is the best way to write about??)

    Mostly I think the fear was (stupidly) around getting over-run by trolls and/or everything mixed with the classic imposter syndrome and worrying about if what I said was good enough?! ? I am not sure that will completely go away altogether, but….

    It has been a very short three months today, since I started this endeavour.  But it is safe to say I have learnt so very much!  Not just about how other people use Salesforce but in whole new areas/technology I never expected to even think about!

    So to finish up, I sincerely thank each and everyone one of you for getting the site to where it is today and look forward to where the future 3mths will take us!!

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