Summer ’17 Deep Dive: Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer report

What is Optimizer?

Simply put Salesforce Optimizer is a reporting tool which gives you valuable insight into areas which may need addressing within a Salesforce instance.

The report is very easy to read and I can’t tell you how much I love Salesforce Optimizer.  Want to define some areas of technical debt to target?  Optimizer is here to help! What more could an Awesome Admin want?! 🙂  Working across two instances (a legacy org and a new org), this report gives me insight into areas to focus on and this feeds directly into our roadmap.

But it isn’t just for old orgs.  You would be surprised how many newer instances also have some areas to address.  With Salesforce Optimizer report, you can easily analyse some of the common pain points in any org.

And now it is even better in the latest Summer ’17 release.  The team behind Optimizer now have added in some additional areas to analyse!

Identifying Technical Debt

Salesforce Optimizer covers quite a few key areas every Salesforce admin should keep an eye on.  It is a great place to start if you are looking to do a spring clean of your org or reduce an org’s technical debt.

Currently it evaluates a number of setup and configuration areas and generates a really insightful report.  The report provides easy to understand breakdown on what is the issue, why it should be addressed and what you should do to fix it.

In the Spring ’17 release, it went live covering the following areas in Salesforce:

  • Field Usage (object limits & usage)
  • Apex Triggers (limits)
  • Custom Layouts (page layouts, record types)
  • Validation Rules (active & inactive)
  • Sharing Rules
  • Workflow Rules
  • User Permissions (specifically who has administrator access)
  • Profiles/Permissions Sets


Salesforce Optimizer & Improvements in Summer ’17 Release

As part of Summer ’17, Optimizer also gets a number of improvements.  There are three key additions as part of the Summer ’17 release and they are:

Salesforce Optimizer improvements in Summer '17
Are you ready for the Summer ’17 release?

Profiles and Permissions Sets

In Summer ’17, you can now find any profiles/permission sets that aren’t allocated to any of your users.  The fact these are now included in the report is fantastic, and definitely helps remove some of the clutter.

In my opinion there is still more that Optimizer can do in this area.  For example comparing profiles, so difficult in Salesforce…  But for an easy way to compare permissions and permission sets, I recommend using Perm-Comparator.  It is a free tool and works wonders!

Locate hard-coded URL references

Hard-coded URLs can cause links to break when you make certain changes to your org (like activate your custom domain).  They also present a problem if your org ever goes through a Salesforce org-split, as the server location may change as part of this process.

Users’ login activity

Also in this release, Salesforce Optimizer now reports your users’ login activity and then flags users that haven’t logged in recently or never activated their accounts.

Other general improvements

With all software these days, a new release gives the development team the chance to update the service with some general user tweaks & bug fixes to the report.


Feedback with the Product Team

The Optimizer Product team are listening.  If you want to provide feedback you can go to the Release Readiness & Feature Adoption group and use the topic ‘OptimizerReportFeedback‘.

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