Salesforce Summer ’19 Release for Admins

Salesforce Summer 19 Release

Get ready for the next release from Salesforce, with Summer ’19 Release just around the corner. What new features are in store for your org and when can you access it? In this post we will take a look at the top new features for admins, so read on to find out more.

Salesforce Summer ’19: Top Features

Overall, most of the features in this release seem to be geared towards general improvements to the Lightning UI.

A lot of this release feels like it is further ‘sanding back’ some of the edges of Lightning and improving productivity further for users.

The ‘Summer’ release from Salesforce, does historically tend to be more focused on general improvements. And this year is no exception…

Why? Well, keep in mind this is the release before Dreamforce (where a lot of the new and big features tend to be announced). And most of the Dreamforce announcements tend to be piloted/beta released in Winter or Spring, obviously depending on the dev teams progress…

With that said, let’s take a look at the top features for Sales/Service Cloud in Summer ’19 release.

Lightning Transition: Critical Update & Tools

As announced in Spring ’19 release, from Winter ’20, any user which has the Lightning Experience permission will be automatically switched over to Lightning UI.

So as part of Summer ’19 (the last release before Winter 20), there are a number tools and updates to support Admins this transition.

There are a number of tools and tweaks which help, and they are outlined here.

These aren’t ‘sexy’ features, but they will help with your transition if you are still planning on the move.

Related Lists in Lightning

Summer ’19 brings with it a few tweaks to List Views in Lightning.

First up, we have ‘Enhanced Lists’. “A what?” I hear you ask… An Enhanced List will now allow for up to 10 columns to be displayed in Lightning (rather than the previous limit of 4).

Enhanced Lists also allow for columns to be resized… YAY!

Summer 19 Enhanced List Views
A normal Related List (top) vs an ‘Enhanced’ Related List (bottom)

Quick Filters on Related Lists

When viewing ‘all records’ from a related list, you will now have Quick Filters available.

Opportunities related list open quick filter icon highlighted and quick filter panel open.

Speed Up your List View Search

Previous releases introduced the ability to search within a List View, allowing you to speed up the process of finding what you were looking for. Though they didn’t support picklist values, only text.

Well Summer ’19 release fixes that, and picklist values on a record will also be searched if using the List View search feature.

Keep the Record Context when switching UI

Another minor but useful tweak, when switching between Lightning UI or Classic (and vice versa), the record context will be remembered.

This means for example, when you switch to Lightning from an Opportunity record within Classic UI – you will now be taken to the relevant record you were on but in Lightning UI (if it is available).

Search Results That Reflect How You Navigate

Another one for usability, how you navigate in Salesforce will be used to present to you the Search results from the Global Search, including any personalisations the user has made to Navigation Bar.

This is quite an interesting tweak, and should help once again speed up the process of finding what you are looking for within Salesforce.

Sales & Service Cloud – Core Improvements

A number of the feature improvements for Sales and Service Cloud ‘Core’, are bringing in a number of features to increase feature parity between Lightning and Classic. And as a result, closes out the list of features not available in Lightning.

Sales Cloud: Customisable Product Schedules

Summer ’19 release brings with it the ability to setup and customise the Line Item Schedules object in Lightning UI.

You can now enable and setup this object like any other, and create custom fields, buttons, validations, triggers, etc.

Sales Cloud: Quotas Now in Setup Menu (in Collaborative Forecasts)

Collaborative Forecasting has also FINALLY received the ability to edit and setup Quotas for Forecasting Users via the Setup menu. Gone is the need to update and add quotas via API / Dataloader.

Quotas for Collaborative Forecasts is now available in Setup, thanks to Summer '19 Release
Quotas for Collaborative Forecasts is now available in Setup, thanks to Summer ’19 Release

This spells the end-of-the-line for Customisable Forecasting (the earlier version), which Salesforce has also announced will be retired after Summer ’20 (next year).

Sales Cloud: Enterprise Territory Management

Another one that has finally made it to Lightning, is Enterprise Territory Management, with the relevant object now showing in Object Manager within Lightning.

And remember you can also forecast against territories in Lightning too. With Summer ’19 adding a new way to view your team’s Territory Forecasts.

Finally, Salesforce has also announced the original Territory Management module will also be retired in Summer ’20 too.

Service Cloud: Knowledge Enhancements

There are a number of improvements to Knowledge in Service Cloud. Starting with in-line editing for article drafts.

In-line Editing for Articles now available in Lightning
In-line Editing for Articles now available in Lightning

You can now also add the Knowledge component to more objects within Lighting, which will speed up the searching for Knowledge Articles.

Other Knowledge updates are also included in the Summer ’19 Release, including improved reporting, paste images into Rich Text Articles, and more.

Service Cloud: Merge Cases

Summer ’19 introduces a new ‘Merge Cases’ feature, though keep in mind it is currently beta.

It is a feature that has been available in competing platforms for quite a while, but never the less a very handy feature to clean-up your cases.

And if you have used the Merge Accounts feature, it will look very similar to you…

Merge Cases from within a case
Merge Cases option, available in Summer ’19 Release (beta)
Select the field values to merge
And the merge wizard allows you to pick the fields to keep/retain as you merge cases together.

Service Cloud: Improvements to Lightning Flows (aka Guided Action List)

Another product has changed names, with Guided Action List becoming the new Lightning Flows. But the change also brings with it a few changes and improvements too.

You will be able to reorder Actions and Recommendations as you like.

Guidance can now also be added to additional objects: Orders, Products and custom objects.

Actions and Recommendations now available on additional objects.
Actions and Recommendations now available on additional objects.

When will Summer ’19 Release be available?

As we enter May, the Summer ’19 Release may already be available in a number of pre-release orgs and sandboxes.

As per Salesforce’s blog, we have now passed the May 3rd cut-off date for sandboxes to be refreshed to gain access to the preview release.

Production orgs will start to receive the release from this week (May 8th) for some US instances. And for everyone else, we will receive it either June 8th, and June 15th.

Find your release date:

  • Go to the Trust website
  • Click on the button: ‘Status’, next to the text
  • Type in your Instance or Domain
  • Go to the ‘Maintenances’ Tab
  • Scroll and search for: ‘Summer ’19 Major Release’
Summer'19 Release will hit EU16 on the 9th June.
Example of the Trust site from Salesforce.

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