Get Ready for the Spring ’22 Release

Salesforce Spring '22 Release

For many of us, the winter holiday season is fast approaching. Which can only mean one thing… The Salesforce Spring ’22 Release is almost here too! With the release notes imminent, let’s look at some key dates to help you prepare for the upcoming Salesforce release.

When is the Salesforce Spring ’22 Release expected?

There are a number of release windows all based on which Salesforce instance/server your org is based on.

The first weekend for the release into production environments is scheduled for the 14th Jan ’22. With the followup weekends 4th Feb ’22 and 11th Feb ’22.

To check the which date and schedule time of the release applies for your specific org, you can check the Maintenance Calendar. Just scroll through the list and check your Salesforce instance against the release dates listed in the calendar.

When can I read the Release Notes?

Patience my friend!

They are not available just yet (at time of writing), but they will be shortly. The 22nd Dec ’21 is the date to watch. As this is when Salesforce is scheduled to publish the Release Notes for the Spring ’22 Release.

But fret not – you can get access to a Pre-Release Developer Edition sandbox from the 16th Dec.

Get ready to prepare your Salesforce sandboxes

To ensure your org’s sandboxes have access to the latest release, you will need to keep the date 6th Jan ’22 in mind.

Any sandboxes refreshed before the 6th Jan ’22 (6PM Pacific Time), will be refreshed onto a sandbox server instance which will get access to the pre-release version of Spring ’22. This will give you hands on practice before the big release, with your specific org’s configuration.

Best practice would be to ensure at least one sandbox is refreshed to take advantage of the pre-release, and to also keep another sandbox on the ‘old’ version of Salesforce, just in case something doesn’t work as expected.

In a organisation with multiple existing sandboxes, it will pay to check the server instance they are already on – and see if that instance will be included in the Spring ’22 preview. To do this, you can use the Sandbox Preview Guide tool.

Salesforce Sandbox Preview Guide in action.


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