Are you Winter ’20 Release Ready?

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For most orgs, there is less than a month left for the Winter 2020 Release from Salesforce. Are you release ready? In this post we will cover the top features of the Release and confirm release dates for the Winter 2020 Release from Salesforce.

Winter ’20 Release: Note for all Admins

Let’s talk Lightning Experience migration before we look at the features coming your way…

From October 2019 Salesforce is going to start to migrating all orgs globally to Lightning Experience by default for all users who are “Lightning-enabled”.

No doubt, this is the start of Salesforce’s push for all customer’s to use Lightning and is a good opportunity to prepare and migrate if you haven’t already.

Who are “Lightning-enabled” users?

This update applies to users who have the “Lightning Experience User” permission.

By default this includes all users with standard profiles.

Additionally any users with custom profiles or permission sets that have the Lightning Experience User permission enabled.

It is worth noting here, that any custom profiles created before Winter ’16 don’t include the Lightning Experience User permission. Though starting with Winter ’16, custom profiles that were cloned from a standard profile inherited the user permission, but admins can edit the profile to disable the permission.

Can users still switch back to Salesforce Classic?

Yes, if permissions on the profile allow. Remember, as admins you can limit the ability of users to switch back to Classic via profile/permission set.

Though once a week, Lightning–enabled users who are working in Salesforce Classic are automatically logged in to Lightning Experience. These users can switch back to Salesforce Classic as needed.

Read more on via the release notes here. And if you would like assistance, CirrusRed Consulting can help you with this transition, so contact us.

Winter ’20 Release Top Features for Sales & Service Cloud

Einstein Forecasting and Quarterly Forecasting

Einstein Forecasting supports for Quarterly Forecasting is now out of beta and generally available.

Einstein Forecasting now supports Quarterly Forecasting (Winter 20 Release)

Einstein: Other Updates

There are quite a few updates to the Einstein system as part of this release. Ranging from Lead Scoring improvements and Activity Capture through to Einstein Knowledge Article recommendations for Service Agents.

To find out more, click here to view all other Einstein updates which form part of Winter 20 release.

Omni-Channel Improvements

There are a number of improvements for Service Cloud in this release, including the ability to further prioritise and route work to service agents.

You can now set Secondary Routing Priority, and define criteria to ensure the most urgent cases are being routed to your agents correctly.

Set up Secondary Routing Priority

Read more here.

Share Knowledge Across More Channels

As part of Winter 20, you will now be able to also share Knowledge Articles across more Support Channels (Social Customer Service, Chat, or Messaging), helping to reduce time your agents when resolving cases.

Read more here.

Account Teams and Opportunity Contact Roles

These two vital objects have now been extended and as of Winter ’20 release can now support custom fields, triggers, workflows.

The benefit here is you can now modify these objects (which were very limited previously) to fit your specific business processes.

Process Builder showing Account Team Member in the Object dropdown menu
Account Team Member object now available in Process Builder (Winter 20 Release)

Activities and Tasks

One of the pain points for a lot of users has been how Salesforce Lightning manages the Activity Timeline on a record page. Specifically older archived tasks.

There are three productivity improvements in this release aimed to improve sales and service productivity within Lightning.

Mark as Complete in Single Click

A very simple improvement, but one that should save end users a lot of extra clicks each day. You now have the ability to Mark as Complete, tasks from the various Task list views.

Open tasks list view, showing new Mark complete button in Status column

Read more here.

Improvements to View All including Archived Activities:

Archived activities, View All in Salesforce Winter 20 Release

Read more here.

Easily Scan Past Activities:

Additionally, the Load More Activities button has been removed. Instead Activities are now grouped into monthly periods to organise and view past activity:

The activity timeline

Read more here.

Extra Resources to help you get Winter 20 Release Ready

When will Salesforce’s Winter 20 be released?

This depends on your org and which server location it is on, though for most orgs it will be released on/around Oct 5th 2019 or Oct 12th 2019.

To find out your specific date:

  • Go to
  • Type in your org server instance (eg EU12)
  • Go to the Maintenances tab, and find “Winter ’20 Major Release”
Find your specific release date via
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