Spring ’19 Release for Admins

And welcome to 2019! Just like that, we have started the new year and are about to hit the ground running with a new Salesforce release just around the corner. Salesforce’s Spring ’19 Release is just around the corner…

First up, apologies for the lateness of the post… It has been a busy few months for me, but I will talk about that in another post shortly.

As usual, we will take a look at what this release has in store and focus specifically on key features of the release which apply to Sales and Service Cloud users.

Lightning Flow Builder (retiring of Cloud Flow Designer)

Salesforce's new Flow Builder
The new Flow Builder… Coming soon!

Spring ’19 release will see the introduction of the new Lightning Flow Builder. This will update the UI for Flow Designer, making it HTML5 compatible. What this ultimately means, is no more clunky Flash based Cloud Flow Builder.

Particularly, no more annoying prompts to update Adobe Flash in Chrome every 5 minutes! Which is what I think I am most excited about!

Also things have been simplified. No more deciding what type of update/query you want. Do you want a ‘Fast Create’ or a ‘Record Create’?! Well, you don’t need to think about this anymore, as there is now just ‘Create’. Also variables and

You will get this by default, but if you need to switch back to Cloud Flow Designer (aka ‘the old one’) you will be able to.

Also if you use Flow and External Objects, things are about to become so much easier for data manipulation. With Flows being supported on External Objects.

More data…  Sort of.

Salesforce is finally, updating the base data storage each org gets. From a measly 1GB to a slightly less measly 10GB.

Of course, you would take the increase. But seriously, in this day and age of Google/Microsoft/AWS offering 1TB or above on generic subscriptions… Why, oh why, is this only 10GB!?

I know I should be grateful, but this has been a bug bear of mine for years now!

Lightning Experience, take note…

There are a number of tweaks and improvements in this release, as always, for things Lightning.

But one thing you need to be aware of. Salesforce have finally waved the yellow flag to let users know that Lightning Experience will become the ‘default’ user experience for your users who have the Lightning Experience permission on their profile (or permission set), or any user on a Standard profile within Salesforce.

These users will then also get moved to

This is now a critical update, and will auto-activate as part of the Winter ‘20 release.

So better get planning now! Check out the FAQ to get more answers about this upcoming change and who it will impact.

Pin the List View you actually want!

I think this was the biggest complaint we had when we switched users to Lightning: “why is ‘Recently Viewed’ always the view I get?”

Well fret no more end-users!

Salesforce Spring ’19 release now comes with added ‘pin-able’ List Views!

So now you can Pin a List View to make it the default list view. Or you can Favourite a list view, or add a list view as a favourite tab… So your users have three ways to get to the view that they want now!!!

Transferring Owner of an Account?

Now you can move more of the related records to the new owner, in one quick action in Lightning… Saving Admins (or who ever transfers accounts) so much time!!!

Service Cloud, hasn’t been forgotten…

There are a number of additions to the way Service Cloud and Lightning work better together. But overall most of the additions seem for the Field Service package.

Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool

To help streamline the transfer to Lightning for service cloud users, and to encourage people to stay on the default / generic Salesforce objects. The Migration Tool will now be able to help migrate Knowledge from Classic to Lightning.

Other Service Cloud improvements

You can see find a list of the general improvements being made as part of this release, here.

Most of the items include the changes to flow and processes for Service, or improvements to Omni-Channel in Lightning supporting new service channels. Or the new calendar scheduling feature, but that also applies across the other clouds too…

When will I get Spring ’19 Release?

Some server instances have already received the Spring ’19 release from Salesforce. A handful of NAxx Server instances…

But for the rest of the world, the next two release windows are:

  • February 2nd 2019
  • February 9th 2019

To find out when your instance will be upgrade:

  • please go to
  • in the search box, enter your server instance or custom domain
  • click on ‘Instances’
  • then on the following page, click ‘Maintenances’
  • user the Quick Find to locate ‘Spring ’19 Major Release’

Here is an example of the calendar for the EU12 instance:

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