Salesforce Winter ’18 Release

Top 6 Sales & Service Cloud features and resources to get you release ready

Salesforce’s next release is here, and Winter ’18 is jammed packed with Lightning features and still brings some improvements for those (well most of us) who are still on Classic.  In this post I will also show you how to check key days for your org and share some of the best resources I have found for the Winter ’18 release.

Let’s jump in and take a look at the top Sales & Service Cloud features in this release.

Top 6 Winter ’18 Features: Sales & Service Clouds

Enhanced Instant Search Results & Better Search in Salesforce

Salesforce Winter '18: Smarter Search Results

This is such a small thing overall, but will save so much time for users.

Spell correction is now available within instant results!  Users will now get suggestions if there is no direct match.

And the search has also been improved to allow users the ability to include an Account Name when searching for a contact, opportunity or an account.  This will then narrow the overall results!

To check out this feature, click here.

Lead conversion now improved in Lightning Experience

This has been a bug bear of so many people.  Put simply the Lead conversion process in Lightning left a lot to be desired!

Well Salesforce have heard us and worked on an improved conversion process, and now gives a clearer view to sales users on if they are creating a new record or linking the lead to an existing one.

Personally, the new screen looks a little clunky… But it is still an improvement from the previous way of converting a lead.

Salesforce Winter '18: Lead Convert Process

The new lead convert process is documented here.

Manage your duplicates using Duplicate Record Sets

If you saw one of my last posts, data is such a big focus for us.  The new Winter ’18 release now allows you to manage duplicates within Lightning.

In the Data Management section of the Setup menu, you can setup a feature to report on duplicates based on your matching rules.  Now in Lightning you can leverage any reported Duplicate Record Set, then compare and merge!

Salesforce Winter '18: Duplicate Record Sets

View this feature in the release notes.

Macros & Live Agent now in Lightning Experience

I have combined these two but Macros and Live Agent are now both support in the Lightning Service Console! #abouttime!

This will bring about productivity improvements for those using Lightning.  But most importantly also removes yet another hurdle to making the change to LEX for those orgs not using Lightning UI and Service Cloud…

Check out Marcos and Live Agent details.  Live Agent in particular does still have a few feature gaps between Classic and Lightning, but these gaps are slowly being removed and will no doubt be ironed out over the next few releases.

Time Field Type (beta)

There is a new feature in beta this release, which allows users to track time (independent of date). :-O

Imagine in a project management app, being able to simply allocate time to something rather than stating a date/time…

For more click here.

Lightning gets a tweaked UI

Lightning has been such a big focus for Salesforce and they continue to actively improve the User Interface.

In the upcoming Salesforce Winter ’18 release, they have given us a new look and feel.  To me this is very similar to the new-ish design concept that Google and others are following, with ‘cards’ of information broken out into pieces and clearer whitespace usage to illustrate what is important on the page.

And also in the Setup menu, there is future improvements hinted at.  Where in the future we might be able to update the background and theme Salesforce Lightning Interface to suit your business 🙂

More details here.

Salesforce Winter '18: New Look and Feel

When does Salesforce Winter ’18 release?

You will need to check Trust site for your server instance, but most production orgs are currently schedule for the major release from 7th October 2017 (select NA instances) – 14th October 2017 (most AP / EU instances).

Can’t wait for the release?

Miss the cutoff for sandbox refreshes on the last week? You may still be able to sign up for a pre-release Winter ’18 org to have a look at the new features.

Best resources to help you get Winter ’18 release ready!

Salesforce directly should always be your first port of call.  They always publish and support users through the transition and this release is no different.  Here are your go-to Salesforce resources:

Other blogs and videos for Salesforce Winter ’18 Release Readiness

Check out her blog, as there is a wealth of information also on areas like Mobile & Einstein!

  • Salesforce Weekly, has done a ‘Release in Action’ video for Salesforce Winter ’18
  • Rakesh on Automation Champion has his top 10 features
  • Praneel at Above and Beyond has a guide on the features of the release, with some additional focus on things developers (and some admins) would be interested in like DX.
  • Jenna Molby has a breakdown of her 12 favourite features from the release.
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