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The countdown to the Salesforce Summer ’17 release date is fast approaching.  As with every release there is always so much information to sort through.  In our time pressured world, how can you make sure you are prepared?

I have also had a question emailed through, asking how you can find out when is the Summer ’17 release date for your org?.  So to help get the most out of the upcoming release I have complied a list of my favourite Summer ’17 resources. Including how to find out when your Summer ’17 release date is.

When is the Summer ’17 release date?

The release dates for Summer ’17 will vary, and it depends on which server or instance of Salesforce you are on.  So how can you tell?

Your browsers URL bar, can tell you which instance of Salesforce you are on.The quickest way is to tell is to check your URL in your browsers address bar when you are logged into Salesforce.


In the URL bar, where you see “na9” in the above pic, is the instance of Salesforce you are in.  If you see something like “https://companyname.my.salesforce.com” instead, your company is using a Custom Domain (you can still follow the next step).

Next up you need to go to the Salesforce Trust site.

Salesforce Trust Site - can tell you when your Salesforce release date is

If you are using Custom Domains, click the ‘My Domain’ button on the top right hand side to get your server instance.

Now we all know which server instance we are using, it is a simple matter of clicking on the applicable server in the grid (eg ‘eu5’).  When the page loads, click on the List button on the right hand side and then you will see key dates for your server.  What you are looking for is the “Summer ’17 Major Release”.

Find your Salesforce Summer '17 release date


The current schedule for updates to Summer ’17 is between June 2 – June 10 2017 for all instances.

One key date not to miss is the Awesome Admin’ Release Preview webinar, which will beam live to the world here on the 2nd June.


Other Summer ’17 Resources:

With every release there are a number of great resources to help you dissect the release notes.

First port of call, check out my top 10 features for Summer ’17 (:-) editor prerogative).

I also have a couple of extra posts looking at specific features that form part of Summer ’17, you can check them out here:

Next I strongly suggest checking out the official Admin Checklist from Salesforce, which includes a guide with key dates including Release Readiness webinars and Trailhead go-live dates.

The Salesforce community is as strong as ever.  With a platform the size of Salesforce, there is always so much to cover and many different focuses / use cases, and as a result .  Here are some other key blogs, which I highly recommend to taking at look at too:

  • SalesforceBen has a good wrap up on key Sales Cloud features due to be released.
  • Jennifer Lee also has an amazing recap from across the various Salesforce platforms, including digging out features for Classic, Lightning and Mobile.
  • Salesforce Weekly has done a video walk through of the latest release.
  • Gears Blog also has a good wrap up on the key Lightning / Einstein features.
  • Automation Champion has a wrap up on the Salesforce Platform side.

And the final resource for you is the release notes directly.  These will explain what permissions and dependencies each feature may need when activating for your users.  Happy release readiness!


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