How we deliver projects

Our values

Our values underpin everything we do and most importantly how we do it.

Values are the life blood of our business.  Defining expectations, setting standards;  at CirrusRed Consulting, they support and guide how we engage with you and approach our work.

Forward thinking

Be brave, interpret, infer and forecast. The past is data. The future is potential. Think future.


People of integrity and honesty not only practice what they preach, they are what they preach.

Customer obsessed

We partner with our customers, to be able to really understand what is needed.

Achieving outcomes

At CirrusRed, we have a passion for delivering what we say, when we say.

Project methodology

Each project is different.  Every project has its own objectives, tempo and outcomes.  But what helps projects thrive, is an agreed upon delivery methodology.

If your business has a preferred approach, then we are more than happy to incorporate that into how we work with you.

We have experience working with Agile, Adaptive and Waterfall methodologies.

Otherwise, if you are unsure we can help.

By delivering in an Agile fashion, using the 4D Process:


Define your requirements and outline the business objectives.  Gain alignment between the business and project team.


Design the solution.  This is where we will create the solution design and initial user stories.


Configure, customise and/or develop solutions within test environments (if available).


Deliver the solution to your users and production system, including acceptance testing/training/etc.

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